Introduction to ActivePresenter 8 – eLearning Authoring Software

What’s new in ActivePresenter 8? The latest version of ActivePresenter brings users tons of new features and enhancements. Apart from the light theme, the dark theme is now available. It helps you work efficiently at night or in a low-light environment. Enjoy the more intuitive and streamlined user interface. In ActivePresenter 8, menus and buttons are better organized 
to boost your performance. Conquer the challenges of creating good-looking courses with a new front-end feature: Flex Box. You can easily insert a flex box and create your own layout with just a few clicks, thanks to the preset layout. With flex box, let’s bring your learners to a fully responsive experience, regardless of their browser and device. You are struggling to go beyond just text-based questions? No more struggling as Hotspot Questions are here to help. You are free to create amusing games such as identifying locations on a map, finding the right person or objects in a scenario, or spotting the differences between two pictures.  To test learner’s instant recall, there would be no better option 
than Fill in Blanks Question. This new question type allows learners to fill missing words in multiple blanks for an incomplete phrase, sentence, or paragraph. Create tons of fun animations for text. Text animation allows text to flow beautifully in various ways. By animating its letters or words, creating the eye-popping text animation
has never been so easy. And what’s more? With ActivePresenter 8, you now can embed Saola Animate or HTML packages 
in your project within seconds. No more worries about the previewing and exporting time as it has vastly improved, up 10 – 40% from the older version. With these and many more features, developing amazing eLearning content and making professional videos 
is just a breeze. If you get stuck at any step, feel free to contact us. Go ahead and unleash your creativity with ActivePresenter 8!

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5 thoughts on “Introduction to ActivePresenter 8 – eLearning Authoring Software”

  1. FourteenGnu 7322 says:

    First to comment, btw nice!

  2. Jacky Nguyen says:

    Nice upgrade :))

  3. MaxTMH says:

    Have you fixed preview mode? Often happen after done like 2-3 cuts on a clip and add some animations, it is very laggy and doesn't show me well cuts and effect applied…i must export video to see them well.

  4. Alfa tutorial says:

    I am a new user … and I hope you add video tutorials in Indonesian … note: very useful …😭😭😭

  5. Fennec Ran says:

    Can i use the free edition by my self to create video lessons for my youtube channel

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