Making an Impact: AU’s School of Education

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m a product of the
Philadelphia Public school system. Went there K through
12, and found a love for politics around
my 9th grade year. But with politics, came a
love for education advocacy. So I wanted to figure out
how to mix both of those together during my
college experience. AU is in a great
location to do that. Our campus is in the heart
of the city, I like to say. And we have the Metro
right up the block. But we have faculty
and deans that will help you
become changemakers and to further your agenda
on becoming a changemaker. Tamir is the
prototype of a student that we attract here at AU. He came to us already
engaged and making changes. American University
is the perfect place for this type of
project, because service is what students come here for. Our prospective
students say that they want to come to AU because
of the need for service, giving back. And they see AU as a place
where they can really do that and actually integrate
that into their studies. What many people
don’t know is I went to traditional neighborhood
school from about K through sixth grade. And in sixth grade I went
to one of the rated worst middle schools in the
city of Philadelphia. And then I transferred. I had to travel about
20 to 30 minutes to get to seventh and eighth
grade in another part of city. But I knew that was not right. I knew that I should not have
to leave my zip code in order to get a quality and
efficient urban education. UrbED is one of the only student
run student led nonprofits in the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania. So we are for
students by students. We advocate for a quality
and efficient urban education with the objective of going
through to every urban city. Most of our students
will say I want to do that in the future,
which is what we expect. But Tamir comes and he
says I’m already doing it! I can help you all, right? And so he is not
only a changemaker but a natural leader. I think Dean Holcomb-McCoy
is definitely a changemaker someone that’s
pushing to transform education and fighting for every
student to get an opportunity to be successful and to shatter
expectations in the long run. Active citizenship to me
means that you are not sitting on the sideline. When there is an
injustice happening, you are standing up against it. And that’s what active
citizens do every day, because we need change. Once an Eagle– Always an Eagle. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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