Our Sleep Training Journey

a video about our sleep training journey
with training everyone’s least favorite topic we made a couple other videos
about sleepless you may have seen then we really evolved in our thinking about
this so we wanted to share that with you and it’s also been one of the biggest
struggles for houses as new parents as it is for many new parents who are stuck
a little bit about it sleep is one of the most important
skills you can allow your child to sleep is the foundation of good health when
you’re sleep-deprived everything else kind of possible if we’re both exhausted
or 52 to care for Julie things so you may have seen from our other video that
we’ve really want to transition into sleeping in her own crib and sleeping
longer stretches on her own and the most gentle way possible I felt strongly that
it went completely against my mother’s intuition to let my baby cried all and I
also refused to believe that we had to cry to our house one night we went out
to a quick moms comedy show yes while he was at her mom comedy show
June woke up and I couldn’t go back to sleep she cried hysterically basically
he only came home in a taxi with me and I’m Jarrett in the
garage was asleep but I was on the verge of breakdown and when we got into bed I
broke down crying because it was so emotional hard because I couldn’t calm
June I realized after this night was not sustainable situation for our family the only way juniper could go back to
see his by nursing it had like santa rita was waking up multiple times
between seven and 10 often many times throughout the night I was displayed a
president like I could just never leaving soon she was born so when I
broke down haley said I guess I just won’t go out for two years I was like
wow put my wife’s the only thing worse than
a crying baby is a crying spell it was it was traumatizing to have my own baby
look at me as though stranger at night because I really truly
expected to be there anytime she was at night and when she wasn’t there like the
world turned upside down and that’s when I realized as well she was six months
old and she needed to find some resigned herself to be able to wake up and be ok
waiting so that’s basically what letter system you know one of the foundations
of my parenting with you over the past six months had been that really intense
attached supernova jackpot also was never away from the more than two or
three hours of my life I was always there always let me put it to you all
night I attended Trevor need that I felt a sense of pride about that about being
accessible to me baby I you know I haven’t got back to work and we have
this really intense fondant and I really treasure that I was happy to be there
for her but like Santana it came to this point we realize she was six months old
she was getting older my needs were changing as a person who
wasn’t just a new mother but was coming back into her own identity as someone
who was friends and enjoy a life outside of my child and and something needed to
shift I think what she had six months she progressively became a totally
different baby and she wasn’t that you were three and so I started seeing those changes
and i felt he was ready for something new so as I mentioned we’ve got all
these books where the new Chrysler solution book I read tweets leave by the
allegedly book and will try to figure out what to do and we both the box and a
lot of them or kind of gentle method is that they don’t actually like have a
math here in 15 different things you could possibly try and one of them might
work by two weeks or months and you don’t really know and so we have just
been going back and forth so nice to our customer she had been for many months
and the three of us could not universally liked all-star fashion out and all through 15 bad so I was
sleeping well at all I was sleeping through the night and he was like
starting to lose our minds we got back and forth but a bunch of different
options of what to choose it was really hard to figure out the core issues who
want to fish were needed to be able to put the day be bad and oxley we wanted
to sure put together and we will find the baby to start sleeping longer
stretches when you can talk we also looked around and tried to see
who had had and what they had done and all the people we knew with the pre
sleeping children had done some version of sleep training people we knew who had
it done for emergency training for either indefinite closely first mean
they were gonna go sleep but share with their babies for as long as they wanted
and we need to work for us for their children were five years old even older
and still having issues sleeping through the night still needing a ton of you
know nighttime parenting and still really tired so we decided that you know
for the sake of all of us we should probably do that there’s so much more to
say about our thought process and going and we’re trying to keep this video
short so let me know if you have any questions we decided to the happy
sleeper method which defines itself is kind of being somewhere between
attachment and cried out I did the first night and it was awful horrible 30 2008 its most likely be a massage and
acupuncture like you need some support right there as you can see I was really
just very quickly it was clear that this message was working for juniper what was
really hard for me I was going on these feelings about be needed and my
relationship with her and whether I was doing any such training my child and
yeah I said betrayal to come hither motion for June she be a baby it’s all
about survival she wanted to stop many times you said he have to see this
through and I think I did you likely have to see it through because otherwise
it the crime not saying there was a lot of
crying so first height 75 minute back in 45 minutes third 40 minutes 25 621 7 11
minutes 8 it was about two or three minutes and ever since then well for the
past six nights she has been happy that’s quite a journey was really after
like three or four days 19 basically two night she’d wake up three to ten times
per night so I was like something’s working like I felt like the whole
attachment parenting thing had told me that like venturing in co-sleeping was
like the best for BB and about mom to get a possible biological as soon as
Jennifer wasn’t sleeping with me she was sleeping so much better which I think it
was true that you both sleep better when june is very yes and we’ve talked about
this like what we do for the nice kid and I think we would do the same thing
we would closely a trip the first five to six months and then we would move her
in her sleeping patterns of change like she browses more she’s in bed with us
whereas now she’s alone she just sleeps better so I think she’s just reach new
phase of development so where we had that we are trained to train her now
actually we’re starting in two days so we’ll report on that about our bedtime routine and this other
video but now universalist sleep so happy to do her
bedtime routine Julie Anderson and give us one she just she’s fine she giggles
and she read serve up a little and without a peep and wakes up eleven hours
later basically it’s amazing how children thrive with routine ability is
really so much more than we are so there’s so many lessons that we learned
from Venus the training which were happy to talk more about but one is that way
harder for the pair met her before it really believe in luck I still in my
heart hurts feel like there must be a way without crying so much but it was
really short-term pain for huge long-term benefits and I think you need
to be a magician to figure out what that is kids thrive on simplicity and
predictability and that’s what the happy sleeper message about their little
scientists so and you know they protest change like all this to you but she’s
really thrived and she was really ready for now I’ll go out in the evening to
worry that my life can we help our and similar and I are going on our date to our favorite sushi joint so so by the
time this video is posted a photo of our first day so go look for your mama and
stick around or under stress you are happy faces thank you check out our
other videos in this series on sleep feel free to ask any questions in the
comments so we’ll see you guys soon

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18 thoughts on “Our Sleep Training Journey”

  1. Simone Jude says:

    We got a dislike! Finally, we have arrived.

  2. Ashley Beauty says:

    Aww ladies you are looking fantastic!!!! Juniper is such a little doll, really so happy for you all xoxo

  3. josiemarch says:

    the love and care you have for your child and each other is really beautiful to watch. thanks again for sharing another part of your story! juniper looks so healthy, happy, and vivacious :).

  4. Adeline Hopkins says:

    All I can say is- you are not alone!! Prego with #2, and not looking forward to the sleep training in the future but SO grateful to know that it's possible, and good, to have a kid who learns to sleep. Sorry you were the guinea pig, first kid.

  5. Lindsay Carter says:

    Yep…..some crazy person hit dislike !! Lol. You guys r amazing parents and LOVE ur vlogs …..so informative , raw and honest …..thank u for sharing <3

  6. Sara Marlena says:

    Very interesting video! Always love to see the Jude family!

  7. realta331 says:

    I love this video and I think you have touched on so many emotions around sleep training. You know what I thought while watching this, that it's so evident that your fab parenting partnership is what made this work for you all. I do think it's often so much harder for the adults. It's lovely that you can both play a significant role in Juniper's happy nighttime sleep…

  8. dandy+birds says:

    Another incredibly helpful, honest and sensitive insight. Thank you! Another one to add to the stockpile for when our baby comes!

  9. Two Moms and Twins says:

    Congrats! We sleep trained and are so glad we stuck with it! Life changing 🙂

  10. Kate Parker says:

    Thankyou so much for all your videos, I'm nearly half way through my pregnancy and its so helpful to hear about other parents experiences

  11. MommaA MommaB says:

    Another great video, looking forward to reviewing all of these some day!

  12. Cindy S. says:

    I love that this sleep training video was more about training of the parents than training of the baby.

    Glad to know everyone is so much happier now and to see Jun so happy makes me happy.

    Love and kisses to all of you!

  13. Kaly says:

    That tie onesie is adorable!

  14. Tara McGuyer says:

    I don't know who could possibly dislike one of your videos. I'm torn between sleep training and just co sleeping until Bea is ready. I'm pretty sure she's going to be my only baby so I want to enjoy it, but I also miss sleeping and cuddling with my fiancé.

  15. Julienne P says:

    thank you for this video! it gives us (hubby and me) peace in our hearts and the courage we need to start with our own sleep training journey.

  16. Savanna Kiser says:

    Please, please, please, please, please do the nap training video!!!! We just sleep trained our first son and he's doing great at night. However, I'm really struggling with nap training. 😩 I love all of your videos. ❤️ You are so right about how hard sleep training is. My husband and I read so many sleep books. I also practiced safe bedsharing and attachment parenting with my now 6 month old son. I can relate on everything you're saying. My son never took a bottle either. Hearing him cry is awful. We hired a gentle sleep coach and it's been the best money we've spent since becoming parents. Nap training is a lot harder though. What are your methods? Hope you're all well! 😊

  17. Katie Rae Sunshine says:

    I can not even tell you how much I relate to this post! I have a 4.5 month old and we've been raising our daughter with attachment parenting. My husband has to sleep in the other room bc we can't all share the bed and sleep well. My daughter gets up multiple times a night and needs to be rocked back to sleep, so we decided to start sleep training the other night. We did the sleep and settle method, which does have some crying. It was so hard for me though that I literally Sat outside her door bawling and dry heaving I was so distraught she thought I was abandoning her! We decided to drop the training until she's a little bigger (thinking the 6 Month mark). So thank you soooo much for this video! To see there's hope in the future makes me feel better….and yes, my husband will have to be almost 100% responsible for the training , as it actually might kill me if I have to do it! LOL!

  18. Katie Cox says:

    Gosh, you guys are delightful, Juniper is adorable, and your videos like this are SO helpful! As someone who sees so much of my own family in yours (we're like 2 years behind you :-)), I would love to see continued videos like this as June gets older! (I know this particular video was already quite a while ago). Just my two cents 🙂 Thanks for sharing all that you already have!

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